ENGAGEMENT RING  is a ring, a diamond and a big question..

“We love to make every single jewelry a story to the bearer. Not only for the present, but also for the future. Engagements are very special and important life event that you will remember every time you enjoy the sight of the ring. Therefore, it is a great honor for us every time we are asked to be behind this special ring.”

To ask for a woman’s hand is a great thing and there are many ways to do it. Do it in your own spirit and with a ring in a small box you have chosen with great care.

Engagement rings from Signe Abrahamson can be seen in the store where you will find a lot of unique and handmade rings with and without diamonds and diamonds in different colors. If you find the right ring from one of the showcases you can get it with you the same day in a beautiful little box. If you like the ring a little different or a mixture of something you’ve seen in the store, this is also possible. In the store they will inform and guide you in the best way so you feel comfortable choosing the right ring for you and your girlfriend.

Remember to visit the shop in time, if you like a specific stone. Then they will get the most beautiful stone home for you and then make the perfect ring just for you. The production time starts at 3 weeks and depends on the wishes for the ring and choice of diamond.

  • An engagement ring is a beautiful and old symbol of love and the formal agreement to future marriage. The woman’s ring is presented as an engagement gift from the man and too the love of his life.
  •  Depending on where you live and what traditions you follow, it may be very different for which a ring finger the engagement ring should be placed. According to an old idea, a so-called love vein goes from the left ring finger to the heartt. But today the ring can be placed as you wish. If it is for this reason, it is not known for sure, but many engagement rings are placed on the ring finger on the left hand.
  • The look of the individual ring varies greatly. Someone chooses a ring with one diamond, more then one or a plain ring without any diamonds according to what you think is nice and appropriate. The ring should, however, be elegant and timeless.
  • The choice of materials is very important for the ring. It’s a ring that has to last for many years and therefore there are some materials that are better than others. Gold is a fantastic classical, beautiful and solid material and therefore offen the chosen material and comes in different colors. In the same way, the diamond is the most used stone in an engagement ring, as it is also classical, beautiful and strong.

“We look forward to help you and make you comfortable with this important moment in your life. Visit us in the shop for further guidance.”