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 ABOUT SIGNE ABRAHAMSON JEWELRY, the jewelry brand since 2012
“We love unique jewelry pieces made for you with good danish craftsmanship and the most beautiful materials. Fine jewelry that last for a lifetime in both quality and design and jewelry which speaks to the modern woman, where quality and a strong identity is at focus.”
It is a danish jewelry brand built on good traditional craftsmanship done with a unique and elegant design. The jewelry is made by Signe Abrahamson herself at the workshop. The workshop is located in the flagship store at Valkendorfsgade 15 in the heart of Copenhagen. You can only buy the jewelry from the flagshipstore where a small and dedicated qualified team who is always ready to help and guide you through the big decisions. Experience the universe of Signe Abrahamson Jewelry by visiting the beautiful store.
The jeweler Signe Abrahamson founded the brand in 2012, as she wanted to give her customers an authentic and timeless jewelry brand, that focuses on high quality and great unique handpicked materiales. Signe Abrahamson describes it as “slow fashion” which is not focused on delivering fast or seasonal fashion, but on offering women jewelry pieces you end up wearing throughout the rest of your life. Maybe even for generations.
THE JEWELRY comes in collections and one-of-a-kind pieces

“All our jewelry is handmade pieces made with amazing materials such as diamonds and pearls which are all handpicked with care. All this together makes each jewelry a very personal pieces for each customer. For us it is important that each piece gives a feeling of having something special.”

All jewelry is based on what inspires Signe and you can always recognize her elegant features that are consistent in all her designs. Her designes is characterized  through the use of specific color of diamond, characteristic textures on the gold and the unique and elegant blend of the soft look with the edgy look.
Signe Abrahamson Jewelry is a simple luxury jewelry brand characterized by exclusivity and modern timelessness added an edge. For this reason she has chosen not to follow the seasonal fashion and instead constantly making new jewelry designs based on what inspires her.



“We love to make every single jewelry a story to the bearer. Not only for the present, but also for the future. Engagements and weddings are very special life events that you will remember every time you enjoy the sight of the ring. Therefore, it is a great honor for us every time we are asked to make these special rings.”

These events are both important and huge life events and therefore theses events needs special rings. Engagements rings and wedding rings. The store always have the showcases filed up with beautiful rings you can get inspired of. You can get the rings with you in a beautiful little box the same day or you can make an order on rings in cooperation with the store. This way you can get the ring or rings just as you like.